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posted this on August 30, 2012 06:00

I am a long time user of inkfrog but have just recently opened an ebay store (second tiered store) where I get to use Selling Manager Pro.  What a godsend!  There is so much more I can do with selling manager pro than inkfrog. 

I continue to get error messages when creating a listing.  It has been a year and a half since I complained that when I would go to a second page of a picture file, it would tell me there is nothing there.  Nothing more frustrating than having to take 500 pictures in a file and break them up into 5 files just so I can continue listing without interruption.

It still takes forever to delete pictures.  You cannot upload new pictures without an error message unless you use the new beta version.

Why can't we open more than 1 page at a time?  I like to see my pictures on one screen and the listing page on another.  To combat that. I just open the picture file off the computer in a second window.  I still think IF should allow more than one user. 

I get an ajax error message when listing almost everything.  I still use the old system to list because Beta isn't any better. 

Why can't we revise listings that are unsold?  Why does a listing have to be scheduled to revise it?

Oh... and I noticed that when I tried to do a global replace for the best offer feature, the listings went through and said that the item was revised.  However, none of them were revised.  I tried it in the old IF and the new beta version.  This is where I drew the line.  In order to revise them, they would have had to be done 1 at a time.  I had 2700 items listed. 

I do a lot of selling so I need something that gives me easy ways to revise and list.  Too many error messages, slow to upload and the fact that a picture problem is still going on 1 1/2 years later... time to find a better alternative.

The only real thing IF gives me is scheduling of auctions.  But, you can list them in selling manager pro and while you will get charged extra to schedule them on a certain date,  just let them sit until you want them to run and then list them.

Anyone getting duplicate listings?  I have been dinged by ebay a few times for duplicate fixed price listings that were not duplicate when I went to list them.  That cost money.



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I'm new to IF, trying to find a online tool to replace Blackthrone.  I thought I found the perfect solution - IF, but after a couple days of trying, not so.  What bothers me the most is you can't sort listings by SKU.  I too have been dinged by ebay for duplicate listing so I do not want to have two listings in the library for the same item, not being able to sort items by SKU certainly doesn't help.  Smart lister is a joke, everytime I tried to run it to check my title, it takes 2-3 minutes to 'think' then give me one keyword suggestion whick is already in my title.  It also 'found' some good listing for similar items which has lots of bids, they turned out to be my own listings!

August 30, 2012 10:29
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I also have problems..always have..Much the same as the first post.  But, you can revise an unsold listing. I'm struggling with inventory now.  Everyone says it works but it doesn't work for me.

Different browsers do different things.

Part of the problem is lack of information about how to do things, with no phone customer service it's really hard to define your problem.

Also, like the Ajax failures..Why don't they put a big box there that says, your listings may not have be processed...

My biggest gripe (along with the inventory) is the lack of a decent search engine.. I sell lots of the same type of items and I can never find what I'm looking for in the library.  The search engine is the worst I have ever used..EVER...


August 31, 2012 20:04
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Recyclebabe I have a thread going having 2 windows open and if it's possible.  Folks wondered what the problem is and it's that damned AJAX failure.

I also posted my feelings about this topic and a bit more since this seems like an "InkFrog is sucking badly" thread.

Regarding multiple windows being opened at the same time...

I was told, over and over and over again, by support, that it simply cannot be done.  I was asking the community because I thought maybe, just maybe, there was a way now.  I still don't trust it much, but I'm giving it a try with multiple browser instances.  My questions were shut-down pretty quickly as I did multiple no-nos.  One was using THE MOST POPULAR browser.... Chrome (weighs in at 27% with IE at 24%, FF 19%).  Anyway, I gave up a year ago going to support.

I don't know where to say this thought openly, I'm about to bail entirely.  I hate to say that on an IF site forum, but when I hear people get excited about a list being sorted A to Z correctly as a big bug fix, and others still saying they get burned on Free Shipping, it's just plain wrong.  It's so sad as I REALLY wanted IF to be the best, but the software practices are about as bad of an example of how not to do software development as I've ever seen.  It wouldn't take much to turn that critical part of the business around with good practices, but I get the feeling there's a prima donna in the development organization that keeps it from growing and fixing process problems.  Make no mistake, it is process problems that are killing this company.  The bad software is a side effect (i.e. good design processes wouldn't lead to crappy user interfaces that go backwards in functionality)

The Beta is months late and in terrible condition. It's going to kill the users if released. I bet it won't be done this time next year.  Or, maybe March 2013.  Hard to tell.  It's a small company and it only takes one head of engineering to ensure that the company fails.  Software is their product and stating that running a database with a user interface is "hard", is an indication that it's time.

It's quite a long farewell for me I'm afraid as I sunk a lot into InkFrog.  I had custom templates made, just for me.  I've got all my items here, just like everyone else.  The same for pictures.

I'm pretty saddened by the whole experience over the past year.  I was shocked hearing about the internals of the company and I continue to be shocked at the software development processes being non-existant.  15 years ago it was "hard" to come up with processes for good software development.  Now there's what, 80 books on the subject.  The same for User Interfaces.  And testing, and bug tacking, AND customer support.  IF had such potential, but I think they're taking the money and running.  

The customer base is enormous.  Yet, the number of employees is tiny.  Take a look at the number of listings there are on eBay.  It's easy to do.  Search for InkFrog in listings

I'm not sure why I was trying so hard to make this work and help make the company successful by offering solutions that utilize my expertise in data visualization.  Instead I got arguments from the engineer.  I was darned lucky to even hear from one.

I also ignored my own tornado warning sirens long ago.  I've been managing software developers since the 1980's and have pumped out plenty of great products.  So, I can sniff out software engineering issues trivially.  I'm not bragging, just calling myself an idiot for not seeing the obvious.  Any "process" that has a bug-tracking system automatically close bugs every 2 weeks is not a process.  It's method called "sweep the crap under the rug and pretend it's not there".  Have you ever noticed your bugs just closing for no reason and having to ask they be re-opened.  Even if this practice is no longer being done, the software engineering group is oozing incompetency.  The things that worked (SmartShipping is the ONLY one I can point to) was outsourced.  You can tell.  It works... without problems.

I would welcome suggestions.  I can't pour any more energy into fixing this company and the product.  I look around and see the other companies are leaps and bounds ahead.  HUGELY ahead.

Thank you folks that happen to read this for your time.  I needed to find a small corner where I can share my experiences over the past few years with other users.

September 02, 2012 14:24
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WOW, I just re-read the thread.  You people are ahead of me.  I feel like a sucker.  At least I knew to never get near that Beta.  I knew it would completely wreck me.


I am now writing scripts that are saving all of my images back to my PC.


For the time being, I'm trying out A - tiva.  I tried Blackthorne and the Plus thing.  I didn't like them and they didn't integrate with

The ONE THING that is keeping me at IF is the SmartShipping.  I'm paying through the nose for however.  But, it's hard to ignore the savings in time.


So my hope is that AT (new thing I'm trying) will be able to hold up to my shipping needs.  Either that or the USPS software too.  I ship letters, flats, etc.  The full integration with eBay, PayPal even, with my shipping is worth a LOT to me and has held me at IF.


The ONE big advantage I have in all of these tools is that I use "WinAutomation".  It is the most amazing windows automation tool I've ever seen.  I can "glue" together programs with it.  For IF, if I needed to ship a letter, a script I wrote highlighted and copied the address info over to software, chose first class, etc.


Right now I'm running a script that is going through the image pages, selecting them all with the checkbox, clicking the Get URLS, and then storing them in a text file.  Then I go to the next page using the arrow at the bottom.  Etc, Etc, Etc.  This I did with a single script.  So I hope like hell that I can do my migration with scripts like this.  

If you can afford it, can do a little programming like stuff (not really programming), then this tool is a huge thing. For example, for one product,  I press a key and it sends an email and writes a message to a user in eBay.  It gets the email address from the sold email, etc.

I'm open to hearing more and more from you guys,.

September 02, 2012 14:33
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I found a solution to the pictures not showing up on the second page.  When the window comes up with your pictures select a different folder in the window (create one before doing this if you only have one folder) and then go back to your folder that you need the picture from.  You will be able to select page 2,3, etc.  I too have asked for this to be fixed with no result.   This will also keep the #2, #3, etc pages available for a certain amount of time too.  So you don't have to keep selecting folders as mentioned above.  This should be an easy fix, and I have no idea why they can't figure it out.  Their variable or whatever holds the picture information is not current when the window first pops up.  By selecting another  folder it puts all the memory info in that variable so you can see the other pages.  I know that probably doesnt' make sense....  Anyway, hope that helps some aggravation!  :)

September 03, 2012 20:58
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Inkfrog sucks. Every time I log in I always encounter problems. :( Ajax error, listings not looking the way I made them originally etc etc

September 15, 2012 05:03
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I STILL have my InkFrog account, and it IS still hosting my pictures, but I HAVE started to migration over to A_____a. They have a support department.... and a phone number!  Right, a phone number... for support.  There is now a sales phone number for IF.  Until this year even that didn't exist.  I've got the lowest subscription level possible at the moment and they are answering customer-service requests in a matter of a few hours.  And that's on the weekend.

I feel like a moron.  I KNEW better than to be an IF subscriber for so long.  ANY web service that doesn't allow you to have two windows open is a dinosaur at best.  The reality is that it's a design flaw or a bug. Regardless the "InkFrog way" will prevail which is to tell you not to do it. It will never ever ever ever ever ever be fixed.  Just like 99.9% of the other bugs.  IF does JUST ENOUGH to keep subscribers from leaving.  They are like that girlfriend you think you have, but you don't because you're being played for the fool, buying stuff (paying every month), but only being strung along.   They are a tiny company, with no overhead, and clearly no investment back into the company, so that means they are rolling in money.  Cash money.  All the way to the bank they go.  And look at the activities they are doing with that cash. They are buying companies with users. Paying users. And then....well.... we've already heard from a subscriber from one service that says everything sucks since they were bought.

Think about how many websites you know of that you cannot have 2 browser windows open to it?  Think hard because you'll need to.  There aren't any.  Jesus H.... 

Good riddance.  I'm embarrassed I have been a long-time customer. There was just enough stuff that worked here for me to do OK on ebay, but not enough to thrive.  I'm ready to thrive.  I'm ready to be able to do something OUTRAGEOUS like edit a listing in Microsoft Word and PASTE it into my description.  Oh my!  How did this other service pull something like that off?!  Must be miracle programmers.  Aye!  

OK, gotta stop before I tell all of their secrets.  Sorry to be honest and open.  I know it sounds bad.  I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble.  If you're new, get used to it.

September 15, 2012 21:25
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The beta version is unusable. The new version is filled with bugs and there are so many errors in IE 8 that I couldn't even list one item.

I'm a technican and tested this on 3 new machines, different browsers, etc.

September 27, 2012 10:21
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Wonderful since they are telling us that you have to use Beta because of the new ebay changes so the old inkfrog won't work. UGH I am so fed up 

September 27, 2012 20:20
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I am feed up too..

Fellow members, remember when IF changed from IF1 to IF 2, we run into lot of bugs and problems.

Look like we are facing  huge listing problems with the new Beta.


September 27, 2012 23:31
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I was talking to Heather today and she said that the old Inkfrog will not be getting updated anymore. She was raving on about how much better the Beta and said had great reviews from people. I asked her to send me the link where the people are that think the Beta is great and she ended my chat :( great eh

September 28, 2012 01:00
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I always think it's ME!!!! Because when I went to school they didn't have I am glad to hear that it's not me OR my browser.  I am using the old IF since, like everyone else, the NEW IMPROVED version really sucked for me. I am trying to give them time to fix it......and then like everyone else I guess I will have to look elsewhere.  I just want to sell my stuff and make enough to pay for my health insurance every month....

September 29, 2012 11:18
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Long time IF user since Sparedollar but looking to move to probably A--tiva once the eBay changes come. IF is trying to have everyone go to the new lister now that the Beta is finished. Agh!  This is ready to go live? I don't think so.  I find it unusable. I don't know if it is just me but I cannot find the buttons unless the screen is minimized making the font too difficult to see. My eyes aren't what they use to be and I can't be adjusting my screen constantly. The photo uploading and sorting is cumbersome. The create a template is time consuming.

However using the old listing wasn't too bad but I have found I am unable to revise my listings. I was charged by eBay three times for trying to relist. At first I thought I did something wrong on my part but it is definitely an IF problem.  I had to go through eBay to revise which was incredibly time consuming since ebay has issues when revising third party listings in the description and photos.  By the way all of this was with using firefox.  Too many ajax errors in IE9.

Not looking forward to going to a new third party lister but I feel I won't have much of a choice.

September 29, 2012 14:23
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Correction: charged three times for trying to revise

September 29, 2012 14:25
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Thanks for being candid lorlan and others. It's refreshing to hear intelligent people speak out about just how horrible of a situation it is.  Here's what I've done / am doing.... I've opened an account with A____a and have posted a few of my listings.  I have to say I like it.  The order management is pretty good too.  However, I miss my InkFrog / integration.  I can't quite get everything I need from A____a's shipping stuff.  I also am not sure if I can insure the entire amount including shipping.

Since I'm listing over there at the other site, I am also hosting those pictures there.

So my situation is that I'm paying for 2, for now.  It's cheap in many ways.  I'm less than $10 a buck over at other site right now.  My total monthly expenses may be a little bit high, but my time is used efficiently as a result.  I'll pay $10 once a month in order to save 3 or 4 hours of agony.

I am not sure what kind of changes will be forced onto my existing store listings.  I'll see what happens I suppose and see if I must change them all.  

I'm having great success with the templating over there.  Great tools to do so if you use HTML.  Also you can do these radical things like have 4 or 5 browser windows open to the site and copy / paste decriptions from other tools like MS Word (not recommended too much but you get the idea).


Dunno if you guys care or not, but I will share the HTML tools I'm trying out.  I don't know HTML but it's not that bad with the right tools.  They're free.  I found them via WIKIPEDIA.  It took me a while to think of going there for advice.

The ones I like out of the few I've tried are Amaya, Komposer, BlueGriffon and BlueFish.

I like Komposer the best of these so far.  I can use them to make my templates and my descriptions too.  I should have found these years ago but didn't know to look.


The Autosave feature on IF SUCKS!!

What a kludge!  Hmmm... let's see.... "the browser keeps crashing and people lose work and bitch about it.... I know, let's save the work every 30 seconds.  They would certainly want to overwrite that they have constantly, even if they're experimenting"

It seems like the entire site is built this way.  

I keep asking why.  Why did they make this stupid thing.  If eBay changed some API's, so what.  It doesn't mean you have to change every single page in the site.  I think this was an engineering pet project because they didn't want to fix bugs on the old system.  All engineers would rather work on the new thing.  Hey, if it has bugs to fix, at least it's on the new system.


September 29, 2012 14:56
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I recently switched from a shared IF account to my own...BIG mistake!! I can not stand the new site...I used to be able to import unsolds to my library and the listing would convert back to the original listing price. IT DOES NOT do that anymore! It ends with whatever sale price you had it on eBay and imports that way as well. I can not tell you how long it will take me to reprice each listing as I do not sell items for the same exact price. This is annoying to say the least! Does A******A have this issue as well? I need to switch to a company that continues to make improvements, not one that makes me work harder.

October 27, 2012 17:04
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I hate the new Inkfrog lister also. I will be leaving soon, as soon as I see what other third party listers are better than this one!

October 28, 2012 19:02
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The new lister is very buggy and not worth using yet.

And now INKFROG Developers are forcing a checkmark to use the new lister at login (which we have to uncheck)... like somehow that will help with users NOT picking it due to its bugginess. :\

INKFROG, as usual, is silent to their paying customers. Now you know why they shut down the old forums -- stuff like this. People eventually complained so much due problems being ignored they just shut it the forums down.

I get what I pay for and I'm fine with inkfrog's poor support, but I'm also technically savvy. Many users are not though, and I can see why they'd be wanting to move on.

October 31, 2012 07:25
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I have been with IF for a few years but I find the new IF unusable. 

October 31, 2012 10:22
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I hate the new beta inkfrog as well. It use to be cleaner less crap, it was so much more user friendly then it is now. I'm sure many things they added were due to ebays changes but I hate it!  You can't copy and paste on your listing you can't use select all to delete the whole page. It's no longer user friendly and neither is ebay. I think I'm done selling on ebay anyway to expensiv, major glitches Now inkfrog has all these changes and glitches. I can't take all this stress anymore after 12 years I think I'm done!

November 03, 2012 09:37
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I'm another who can't stand the new beta Inkfrog. I thought it was live since logging in brought me to it, but just read a post that said the checkmark was forced on us, and sure enough, I can go back to using the user friendly IF that I am used to. I didn't even notice the checkmark since I use automatic login. Sometimes, change is not always for the better. I have used another program since its beta days "OUTRIGHT" and they actually took customer's concerns and responses into consideration when building their program. I don't see this with IF. There are so many unnecessary changes to the beta. It takes a lot longer to make a listing than previously, even uploading a picture takes more steps than before. I couldn't even see some of the radio buttons. It's just not intuitive. It should be customizable to the user. We should get to hide or show only the things we want. Thanks icellar, I am glad to go back to the old IF. Hopefully, they will listen to these complaints and scrap the "new model" and make the old model better instead.

November 03, 2012 11:34
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The other thread that was very active, where users detailed the problems was shut down.  Too many complaints in that one.  I'm sure there were other reasons the thread died.

The good news I have to report is that I'm having fantastic success elsewhere.  I am STILL a PAYING InkFrog customer, so I am paying for access to the forum, etc.  I'm kind of glad I was forced to try something else.  I had become complacent with the problems here at the The Dog.  It's going to take a while to get everything moved, but I have tools that can make it really easy to do some of the parts.  

Anyway, keep up the good fight!


November 03, 2012 13:38
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November 03, 2012 16:02
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I have been using Inkfrog/Sparedollar for many years.  If I have to use this Beta technology, I'm soory but I will have to find a new solution.  The programmer who put together the photo upload should be unemployed.  I continue to list with the old site and while it's not perfect, I can list items in a few minutes.  thanks, Ken

November 08, 2012 06:58
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I can not upload a single photo without my broswer crashing. My family, myself, and my over 15 member staff do this for a living. Please advise inkfrog staff. Your clients need a fix.

November 08, 2012 08:04
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Does anyone know, when we will no longer be able to use the old sight, when beta will be our only choice? I want to make sure I don't let them automatically charge me the 9.95 thru paypal because once we HAVE to use just the beta I'm gone.  Thanks

November 08, 2012 11:41
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Someone at inkfrog needs to heed this!  The new beta version is almost unusable!  It crashes my browser everytime I try to add an image to the listing and the light grey text on white background is about impossible to read.

This is one of the problems had a few yrears ago.  They went to Ajax for everything and the site basically became unusable.  The programmers need to open ebay accounts and start selling.  They will figure out pretty quickly that the new system is the pits. 

November 09, 2012 11:51
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I hate the new system. Nothing works right on it. I like the legacy pages, where everything was simple and easy to use. I can't understand why they didn't just fix it instead of making up a new one. Someone should have told them: If it ain't broke, don't fix it! The new system is making everything too complicated to use! I am looking for a new home.

November 09, 2012 11:56
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I had a 'chat' with an IF support today and voiced our concern, he said they are checking on the bugs and working on it everyweek.  He also assured me there is no deadline to switch everyone over to the Beta version.  I've only been to the Beta version few times, when I try to sort listings by SKU number, it took me out of that category to somewhere else, and items were not sorted at all, when I saw that I just got out quickly.  It's been like that for monthes, makes you wondering if they are indeed 'working on it everyweek'...

November 09, 2012 12:08
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All I can say is that it sure FEELS like they are pushing everyone out of the old inkfrog to the beta.  The pre-clicked "Try the New Infrog" button is about a pain in the ass.  I keep forgetting to unclick it before logging in and get dumped into the new Beta hell.

November 09, 2012 12:18
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Anyone else notice that your image folders have been moved around? My images is not at the top anymore and I cannot put it back there. I am still awaiting a reply from them but I wont hold my breathe


November 09, 2012 12:56
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I am not sure the original poster was complaining about the new inkfrog. You should open new post rather than piggy back your complaints onto someone else issue. I would rather see specific issues addressed for the NEW infrog.

Now I have many gripes about the last version of IF, but it works and my company has almost 10,00 listing to prove it works.If you have a template it could be your template causing the issue, we use the same custom template and it has never failed us.


Again there are some quirks with the current IF (version 2) but its nothing we havent figured out how to work around. I have posted my comments about IF (3) in other posts.

To address the original poster.

You can revise your listings in Unsold if you immediately list the item with the listing open. However you cant save it to the library doing this except from live listings after the fact.. Inkfrog wants you to save it to the library first.if you want to edit and save I dont see a major issue with this because they have inventory tied in.. I dont see the big deal to just revise your original or save it to the library then edit. You can make a million folders to sort items in the library.

As for loosing images I dont have that issue, I have thousands of images on the server. We do on occasional see missing images when uploading (only a place holder shows) but its one in a group. The issue comes and goes, we just delete  what is a place holder and reload the image. It does not happen that often.


To others who complain about multiple windows needing to be open, use multiple browsers or Firefox and multiple instances. You will never be able to have two tabs open with this program. Live with it its just how it is.

Yes Inkfrog has almost zero customer service, but  they actually get back to you. when you open a problem ticket. I think they stopped reading the form is all.

November 09, 2012 13:04
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They do respond when you open a ticket but that is about it.  I have spent the last week teaching one of the support staff how their system is supposed to work as they are clueless.  The bug I am dealing with in the new lister deals with eBay catalog and that it does not save the stock photo or catalog item specifics when you save and close the library listing.  When you reopen, it is gone.  Very simple, very straight forward problem but the support guy just can't get it.  

Usually when they either do get it or they give up you get the "I turned it over to our tech staff to look into".  Then nothing happens as the bug never gets fixed.

Can't use the old lister because the eBay catalog is no longer supported in the old lister.  Doesn't work in the new lister.  We are screwed.  Now looking for an alternative to IF.

November 14, 2012 13:07
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Things finally started working.
I wanted to wait until i had a little time to think about this before getting back with you.
SINCE MARCH 26TH 2012 I have contacted you about 19 times with the topic being pictures.
This problem seems to be on going and never seems to be completely fixed even with the old ink frog it was a major problem. It has been causing us some difficulty. On December 28th my guys normally would have been finished at 6:00 pm but because of this difficulty they didn't get out of here until 9:00PM.

From my end of things here honestly it feels like your service is unreliable and i never really know if it will completely work today or not and if i feel this way there must be a lot of others who feel this way. So i guess i am asking for some honesty here and my question is, Is this going to just be the way it is things stop working i complain than they start working again . Once i know what to expect i can better move my bushiness to were i need it to go. I would gladly pay a $100.00 a month for some reliability to someone i don't know if such a service is out there or not.
I feel this is 2012 soon to be 2013 I have enough daily challenges with my business in this economy i just don't have the time or energy to deal with this site maybe working or not. If it was a different problem all the time i might say well you get a problem and fix it but it is always the same set of problems Pictures Not working properly.

My question to you is very simple and only requires a yes or no answer is your company capable of fixing the picture problems once and for all or not? I look forward to your reply, Barry

December 30, 2012 12:05
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You seem nice but you are just giving a corporate robot answer.
NO SCREEN SHOT is necessary you are just trying to put this back on me it is your company in ability to solve a long standing problem with your servers or software.
Go through have someone read all of my last two year complaints they are all the same. re read what i wrote earlier and really think about it and maybe you can get someone to come up with a better answer but very sadly i do not think your techs have the technical no how to solve this or after such a long time it would no longer be a problem.

re read and take some time to understand

Things finally started working AND ARE WORKING NOW.
I wanted to wait until i had a little time to think about this before getting back with you.
SINCE MARCH 26TH 2012 I have contacted you about 19 times with the topic being pictures.
This problem seems to be on going and never seems to be completely fixed even with the old ink frog it was a major problem. It has been causing us some difficulty. On December 28th my guys normally would have been finished at 6:00 pm but because of this difficulty they didn't get out of here until 9:00PM.

From my end of things here honestly it feels like your service is unreliable and i never really know if it will completely work today or not and if i feel this way there must be a lot of others who feel this way. So i guess i am asking for some honesty here and my question is, Is this going to just be the way it is things stop working i complain than they start working again . Once i know what to expect i can better move my bushiness to were i need it to go. I would gladly pay a $100.00 a month for some reliability to someone i don't know if such a service is out there or not.
I feel this is 2012 soon to be 2013 I have enough daily challenges with my business in this economy i just don't have the time or energy to deal with this site maybe working or not. If it was a different problem all the time i might say well you get a problem and fix it but it is always the same set of problems Pictures Not working properly.

My question to you is very simple and only requires a yes or no answer is your company capable of fixing the picture problems once and for all or not? I look forward to your reply, Barry

December 30, 2012 13:17
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  • Here is the response from Tim and i guess time will tell and we will see if they can fix this.


    Hi Barry,

    Yes we are capable of fixing the issue with images. Our team will continue to improve the system by making regular updates to fix issues and add new updates. You can expect more stability in this area in 2013 to support your business.

    Best regards,

    inkFrog Support

December 31, 2012 07:13
December 31, 2012 11:48
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I've done the wishing, hoping, hanging in there by a thread.  Trust me, it's a lot better elsewhere.  I'm still with InkFrog, but mostly for the shipping stuff not my listings nor pics.  I'm shocked at how loyal us IF customers have been over the years and really don't understand why.  I know I hung in there way too long.  Heck, just trying doing one listing or uploading and see what it's like over at company xyz.

December 31, 2012 21:16
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I have been with inkfrog for one year and I am actively looking to switch.  I agree with the first writer and just about all of the rest of the writers.  What amazes me is that these problems do not get taken care of by those in a position to do so. 




Sorry to shout, but I hope management reads this and understands my frustration.  Of course they will tell me it's my fault,  that I need to upload some new version of something.  Or, that they can't duplicate my issues etc etc ad nauseam. 

January 02, 2013 18:54
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PS:  Get real live people to answer our questions.  IF had no problem getting someone on the phone with me when you wanted me to subscribe!  It is the only time I spoke with a real live person. 

January 02, 2013 18:58
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Can someone suggests some 'other places' maybe give some hints of the name...?

January 02, 2013 19:46
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I'm  looking at "A--tiva"

January 02, 2013 20:02
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I did more than look :-)  There for many of my things and LOVING it.

Every site has it's problems.  There are some things there broken that are not fixed but they're nits to most people I think.  Stuff like items in reports being in the wrong format.  But they're all fixable.  Nothing I've found so far has had an impact on any of my listings.

January 02, 2013 20:06
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every time when I have a real technical issue which their live chat/ help desk level staff can not help, they would say "I will forward your issue to our tech team". And the next day my ticket was closed and marked "problem" solved, which is never solved or been followed up. and now all my 5000+ library listings in each account and inventories in 8 different accounts  are gone and have not been restored after I have had asked them day after day.

March 19, 2014 21:28
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I am really shocked. Every serious business should take a good care of it's customers. I am InkFrog member for 9 years! It has been 2 weeks since I have asked for help the first time, I sent multiple requests to fix the problem since that and nobody did anything to help. The fact is that Inkfrog has TOTALLY CRASHED my business by defacing over 1200 of my auctions. They have simply shut down the server that was used for storing customers' templates graphics.  There have been almost no sales since that. They have killed my business, damaged it's reputation due to defaced business offers at my online stores, caused me financial losses. What a pain!

April 24, 2014 14:38