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Greg S. September 27, 2013 2 inkFrog News & Announcements / Announcements

We will be performing maintenance on one of our database servers tonight which will cause our members area to be down for approx. 50% of our customers. We expect the downtime to last approx 4 hours. No listings will be affected during this outage, but you will not be able to login and use your account during the outage.  We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Tim September 24, 2013 inkFrog News & Announcements / Announcements

There are currently technical issues that are affecting some accounts.  This issue is causing some users to experience slowness or intermittent outages (such as not able to log in).  Our technical team is diligently working on the issue and hope to have it resolved as quickly as possible.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

The issue above has been resolved. We had an issue with one of our databases which was causing slowness and causing the site being unavailable for about 50% of our customers. We narrowed down the issue and resolved it as of approx 11:30p.m PST time. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will be continually monitoring it to ensure it's resolved.

Tim September 15, 2013 inkFrog News & Announcements / Announcements

Please note there was a system issue on Saturday September 14, 2013 that may have caused listings with auto relist set to launch late.  This issue would have affected listings set to relist between 4:30pm to 10:30pm Pacific time.  We apologize for the issue.  Our techs have corrected the cause of the issue so listings will relist normally again.

Tim August 22, 2013 152 inkFrog News & Announcements / Announcements

We've significantly upgraded the image section on the new inkFrog lister.  This upgrade will allow you to manage your images from the lister faster and easier than before.  We've also added a brand new uploader to the new lister.  This is the fastest image uploader we have.  Also, the new uploader gives you the ability to overwrite, watermark, rotate and re-size your images when uploading them directly to a listing.  Oh yeah, the 'Search' feature is super fast too!  It will also retain the options you choose to speed up the process of your uploads.

If you currently use the legacy system, log in to the new inkFrog and give the new system a try by listing a few items.  We think you will really like the new image system and uploader.





Sheryl July 02, 2013 inkFrog News & Announcements / Announcements

We are once again seeing a high number of Phishing scam emails being sent to inkfrog customers. Do NOT ever click on a link from an email that is sent out if you are not sure it was from inkFrog.  It may NOT be from us. The scammers are building exact copy cats of our site and asking you to reauthorize or reactivate your account (or other various types of actions) in hopes that you click on the link and login to their site - once you login to their site, they now have your username and password. 

What is a Phishing scam?
There are a lot of different versions of this, but most all of them involve sending you an email asking you to perform an action by clicking on a link. The link will take you to a website that looks just like inkfrog, and the URL will be very close to an URL, but if you look very closely at the URL, the part prior to the .com will NOT be our domain. We have even seen one that uses a q instead of a g in frog.  It's always best to just type in the URL you are trying to get to directly in your browser window to make sure you get to directly and not some other site which may look like ours. 

If you have any questions regarding any email that you receive, please contact support.


Please remember to never click on an emailed link and to log in directly on the site.


Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2013 19:19:51 

Hello inkFrogMember, 

The link below will enable your inkFrog account. 


We appreciate your cooperation in verifying your account as quickly as possible and welcome you as a valued member of our trading community. 

Sincerely Yours, 


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